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Planning Client

Feel like you've done all the right things... but never had a professional look at everything?
Feel like you've been unable to follow through with a plan and need a nudge?
Feel like your financial life has too many moving parts and you need help to simplify?
You wonder if you're on track or if you're missing something?

Project Client

Feel like you have everything under control but want a quick expert opinion?
Feel like you know a lot about finance, except for one or two categories where you’re unsure?
Feel like you’re on track but just don’t know what you’re missing?
Are you young and just getting started and want to build a strong financial foundation?

Investor Client

Do you have a bunch of accounts and investments but don't know how they work together?
Have you been sold investments that you feel you didn't need or are too expensive?
Do you worry your investments are not set up to weather a bad market? 
Are you unsure whether you’re using efficient tax strategies for your investments?
Have you been managing your investments yourself... and realize you may not be good at it?

Our Process

Though everyone's process is different, here's a sample first year with us:

Intro Meeting

Month 0

This is our first chance to get to know each other.

This short Intro call will allow us to understand your needs and goals, and decide if we're the right fit and how we should work together.


Month 1

This is our chance to really dig in.

Before we meet we'll have exchanged lots of data and this gives us a chance to review.

After this meeting we'll have our first understanding of what is working - and what isn't.


Month 2

Finally the real work begins.

After we've had a chance to review the good and bad, we'll deliver our first findings and recommendations.

After this meeting you'll begin to implement changes, some large, some small, to get you closer to your goals.


Month 3

One of the benefits to our platform is we have technology that you can actually use!

We'll meet to discuss the tools at your disposal. You can use them to see for yourself how small changes affect your plan.


Month 6

By this point you should be well on your way to implementing changes to your plan.

We'll review how you're doing at 'living in' your plan.

We'll collaborate on things that are working and things that aren't.

Ongoing Planning


After we've addressed the big changes and made any pivots in the plan, we'll establish a regular schedule of reviews.

This not only serves as a check on how you're doing, but allows us to review any changes in your life and make decisions accordingly.

About us

Meet Steve Sivak.

I have been in financial services for 20 years, with over 16 years in this business. Years ago while working at Morgan Stanley, I got frustrated with the way the industry was headed. There were things about the ‘Big Bank’ model that I couldn't fix, and clients noticed. There had to be a better way.

I created Innovate Wealth in 2016 with the vision to refocus the business away from a product sales culture and back to the clients, their education, their behavior, and do it all at a more affordable cost.

I am a Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP©), I have previously attained the Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) and Certified Portfolio Managers (CPM) designations, and passed Level 1 of the CFA. I can also throw in a Civil Engineering degree if you want to talk about bridges.

I spend most free time in the woods or doing something else physical (hurting myself). I love to watch any and all (Pittsburgh) sports, read, and constantly try to learn new stuff.

Here are a few things I've written that can help you get to know me:

5 Things to Look for When Hiring an Advisor
What is Real Risk?
Why You're Paying Too Much for Life Insurance

Verify Steve’s history by finding him on BrokerCheck.

Member of:

qualified advisors

Why work with a CFP®?

Anyone can call themself a "financial planner." But only Certified Financial Planners have met the high educational standards and levels of training required to be certified by the CFP® Board. When you work with a CFP®, you can be sure you're working with someone who understands the ever-changing financial world and will make the right decision for you.

Our Investment Philosophy

Though each person will receive customized advice, we rely on a few simple rules to govern our investment management.


The cost of investment products has dropped dramatically. Chances are you’re paying too much.


More complexity does not make you more money. You should understand what you own and why.


We try to eliminate investor emotions by having a set of investment rules and sticking to them 


No forecasts or hunches here. We invest based on decades of peer-reviewed academic work.

Don't be dumb

The best offense is a good defense! Avoid fad investments, bad products, paying unnecessary taxes...

Frequently Asked Questions

What is fiduciary management and why should I care?

Fiduciary means Innovate Wealth must do what's legally in your best interest. Most Wall Street firms do not abide by that rule. Why would you work with them?

What if I don't have a lot of money to invest?

We don't have investment minimums. Investments are just a small piece of financial planning, and we offer the same quality financial services to everyone, no matter the size of your bank account.

What can we expect if we work with you?

Every person is different so your plan will be customized to your life, but here is a sample structure of the first 12 months.

What is fee only?

It means we charge you a fee and that's the only money we make. This matters. Advisors get paid in many ways, including kickbacks on selling products to you. It's not the fee you see that should worry you, it's the one you don't see.

Is my money safe?

Innovate Wealth will never take custody of your money. If we are managing your investments, your money will always be placed with a qualified custodian.

How much is it?

Details here!

How do you invest?

Glad you asked, click here!

Where are you located?

We are fully virtual. Yes we have a location, but we work with clients all over the country, no matter where we sit. If you're comfortable working virtually with our online tools, we'd love to work with you and will likely have other clients nearby!

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