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Planner Client

Planner Clients work with us over a 12-month period. We'll take a comprehensive approach to define your goals, analyze options, make informed decisions, and work alongside you to implement and 'live in' the new changes or tactics. 

We'll cover all aspects of your financial life and give you actionable strategies to simplify your maintenance and keep you on track to meet your goals.

At the conclusion of your 12-months, we'll summarize your progress and provide next steps so you can decide with confidence whether to continue on your own or renew your relationship with us.

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What You'll Get

  • We’ll meet up to 5 times over a year.

  • At the beginning we’ll focus on organization, clarity, and discovery.

  • By the end of our time together, we’ll be working on implementing new habits, new investment ideas, and simplifying as much as possible.

  • We’ll schedule our meetings in advance, but you’ll have access to us at anytime via phone or email.

  • You’ll have constant, secure access to our suite of technology tools. Once you learn how to use them you’ll be able to make changes or explore for yourself.


Annual Fee: $3600

Planner Clients are an ongoing relationship with an upfront deposit of $1200, followed by quarterly payments of $800. (If requested, clients can also choose to pay a monthly rate of $310)

With Estate Planning: add $800

Clients can use Innovate Wealth to guide the Estate planning process. We will complete a basic set of Estate documents for this fee, however additional complexity could require more detailed legal expertise and cost extra.