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A different kind of financial advisor.


We are fiduciaries. We are legally required to make decisions and use products that are in your best interest.


We are fee-only – that means we will not make money from selling you products...or any other way!

Focused on you

We are small on purpose; we want close relationships with all of our clients. You will never feel like you are ‘just a number.’

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The Latest Technology

Innovate Wealth uses the latest technology to make your life easier!  We’ve eliminated as much paperwork as possible and created a cloud-based platform to interact securely with our clients.

An image of some of the technology Innovate Wealth uses.
An image of some of the technology Innovate Wealth uses.
An image of some of the technology Innovate Wealth uses.
An image of some of the technology Innovate Wealth uses.
An image of some of the technology Innovate Wealth uses.

Most Americans aren't prepared.
Are you?

Over 60% of Americans have less than $1,000 in liquid savings.
Nearly 30% of Americans don’t have an emergency fund.
43% of Americans have not ‘spoken to anyone’ about retirement planning.
48% of those with a financial plan report living comfortably, compared to 22% without.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is fiduciary management and why should I care?

Fiduciary means Innovate Wealth must do what's legally in your best interest. Most Wall Street firms do not abide by that rule. Why would you work with them?

What if I don't have a lot of money to invest?

We don't have investment minimums. Investments are just a small piece of financial planning, and we offer the same quality financial services to everyone, no matter the size of your bank account.

What can we expect if we work with you?

Every person is different so your plan will be customized to your life, but here is a sample structure of the first 12 months.

What is fee only?

It means we'll charge you one fee and that's all you'll pay us. This matters. Advisors get paid in many ways, including kickbacks on selling products to you. It's not the fee you see that should worry you, it's the one you don't see.

Is my money safe?

Innovate Wealth will never take custody of your money. If we are managing your investments, your money will always be placed with a qualified custodian.

How much is it?

Details here!

How do you invest?

Glad you asked, click here!

Where are you located?

We are fully virtual. Yes we have a location, but we work with clients all over the country, no matter where we sit. If you're comfortable working virtually with our online tools, we'd love to work with you and will likely have other clients nearby!

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